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Have qualified truck drivers? Someone needs to come up with driver retention strategies. What’s important to truckers to get them to stay?

Those who drive trucks work long hours. They deal with privately owned vehicle drivers who don’t know how to drive around semi-trucks. Seasonally, they face bringing goods to consumers while battling ice and snow. And, their pay hasn’t changed in about three decades. No wonder truck drivers are leaving this career in droves. They don’t feel appreciated and sometimes have a very dangerous job. What can be done about driver retention strategies so America can continue to receive goods?

Driver retention strategies are needed now to keep America moving!

One main thing at odds is the way drivers get paid. Drivers typically only get paid when they’re driving. In other words, they ONLY make money-per-mile wages. That means when they are waiting to hear about the next load to pick up, they get no pay. If a driver sits for two hours, that’s two hours they don’t get paid. It’s very difficult making a living wage with a system like this.

Well, carriers are starting to change things including raising pay. New drivers are getting sign-on bonuses and numerous other incentives. But more needs to be done.

For example, though the driver shortage is on the rise, drivers still need time off. How can trucking companies give truck drivers more home time if there are fewer drivers on the road? Right now, common in this career, trucking companies pay drivers for vacation but won’t let them take it. That is problematic because it affects family life. Divorce is high in this occupation because the driver is not home enough. Giving more home time is another area needing realistic driver retention strategies.

A truck driver feels unappreciated and taken for granted unless he/she is given a safe and satisfying workplace. Without it, morale is low. There is much that can be done to treat truck drivers with the respect they deserve. Who is going to step up and do what is needed to retain drivers? Truckers are waiting to hear how this problem will be fixed!

Safest Trucking Carriers FL

➤ Drive Safe

We perform regular inspections to ensure that all of trucks and equipment continue to meet and exceed the safety standards set by the DOT. Qualcomm Omnitracs digital electronic e-logs are installed in every company and contracted truck in our fleet.

Experienced Truck Drivers

➤ Experienced Truck Drivers

We require all of our drivers to have at least 2 years of tractor trailer experience. Our company drivers must have both TWIC and HAZMAT certifications. We review driving records, monitor safety scores and maintain regular communication with all of our drivers.

HAZMAT Certified Carrier Florida

➤ HAZMAT Certified Carrier

TDI Trucking is DOT certified to service your HAZMAT delivery needs. Our knowledgeable logistics coordinators understand the demands of HAZMAT paperwork and work hard to ensure regulatory requirements are met on every load.


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