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ELD Mandate Causing Truck Stoppage

What’s the latest on ELD compliance? Compliance rates are rising as the enforcement deadline approaches.

According to the ongoing survey being done by www.carrierlists.com on who is moving toward complete ELD compliance, progress continues to be encouraging. Long haul van, reefer, and flatbed fleets continue to move toward complete compliance as ELD’s deadline quickly approaches. Shorter haul and smaller fleets continue to also keep moving toward compliance, but at a slower rate than the big companies.

Generally, ELD compliance rates for the profession overall jumped by about 10% this week. As the April 1 enforcement deadline slowly threatens to fine the non-compliant, there is a rush to meet the April Fool’s Day date. However, this is no April Fool’s Day joke. It is very real.

Penalty for Violating ELD Compliance Rates Deadline

Non-compliant commercial truck drivers will experience a 10-hour service outage penalty. That certainly will hurt their fiscal bottom line. But what’s worse is that if they stay non-compliant, they could face further penalties.

While the trucking industry caterpillar’s its way to full ELD compliance, some possible predictions for the eventmight be …

  • A percentage of active drivers will change careers, leaving a bigger professional driver void

  • If the industry experiences a further reduction in drivers, new drivers will need to be recruited to replace the reduction in force changing to different careers

  • Some new drivers could be retired or separated military personnel who drove trucks in the service

  • Driverless technology professionals will increase the push to introduce more driverless trucks into highway commerce

  • Drone delivery technology may make a bigger appearance in commerce. If this happens, the trucking industry may be negatively impacted

It is said that when one door closes, another one opens. This may be so when it comes to the impact of ELD compliance rates for the trucking industry. After all, necessity is the mother of invention.

Time for the trucking and supply chain thought leaders to put your thinking caps on and see what new strategies can be developed. It may have a powerfully beneficial impact for the industry.

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