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Is all “progress” positive? No matter your answer, it may be controversial. One of the top topics of change in our industry is all-electric trucks.

NFI (National Freight Industries) has chosen Southern California to test Volvo’s all electric trucks in 2019. What motivates NFI to test these trucks? Simply stated, drayage concerns.

As part of a Southern California pilot project to support green trucking, all-electric, Class 8 trucks will roll down the West Coast highways using funds from a California Air Resources Board (CARB) award. Concerned about ways to reduce pollution and support cleaner living for Californians, the CARB award encourages projects that adopt clean freight technologies. Additionally, CARB looks for ways to reduce air pollution caused by goods movement throughout the state.

Testing will commence with deployment of 23 all-electric trucks in the Los Angeles basin. The project aims to eliminate air pollutants to the tune of 3.5 tons and 3,020 tons of greenhouse gases annually. Certainly, a modern truck for our time, they will also incorporate smart technologies. The smart program will monitor truck performance and maximize vehicle uptime.

Smart technology and programs supporting green trucking are considered progress, but like anything new, are also met with resistance. Our brains are wired to like consistency. When we consistently do the same thing, it feels familiar. Familiarity feels safe. When we feel safe, we feel secure, but if we always do what’s familiar, how can we benefit from progress?

Progress comes whether we freely accept and willingly adapt to it or not. So, for some, change doesn’t seem like a good thing; however, change is a regular part of life. So what changes do you see open to your trucking company?

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➤ Drive Safe

We perform regular inspections to ensure that all of trucks and equipment continue to meet and exceed the safety standards set by the DOT. Qualcomm Omnitracs digital electronic e-logs are installed in every company and contracted truck in our fleet.

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➤ Experienced Truck Drivers

We require all of our drivers to have at least 2 years of tractor trailer experience. Our company drivers must have both TWIC and HAZMAT certifications. We review driving records, monitor safety scores and maintain regular communication with all of our drivers.

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➤ HAZMAT Certified Carrier

TDI Trucking is DOT certified to service your HAZMAT delivery needs. Our knowledgeable logistics coordinators understand the demands of HAZMAT paperwork and work hard to ensure regulatory requirements are met on every load.


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