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We all have our personal likes and dislikes. The annual trucking industry survey conducted by Atlas Van Lines reveals what truck drivers like AND dislike.

Intrigued about what America’s transport specialists turn up their nose at or enjoy? Here are some highlights:

• Drivers prefer Dunkin’ coffee to Starbucks.

• They like clean, pure water 50% more than sports drinks.

• 31% of drivers revealed being on the road more than 40 weeks out of the year.

• When not driving, 74% of the trucking industry drivers reported enjoying spending time with friends and family.

• In what fast food restaurants do they prefer eating? Chick-Fil-A and Subway (in that order.)

• Wonder what to send along as a snack for your favorite truck driver? Think fresh fruit first and peanuts/mixed nuts second.

• 47% of respondents like Michelin and 39% prefer Bridgestone when it comes to tires.

• 42% use prefer Shell Rotella and 40% prefer Mobil Delvac oil for their rigs.

• Which tractor do these road experts prefer? Kenworth is most preferred with Peterbilt close behind it.

• What about their views on Hours of Service (HOS) changes? About 3100 comments were made about HOS. Suggested changes include more needed flexibility to contend with unforeseen situations that could happen at any time. Also, drivers would like to split the 14-hour day up with off-duty time. Drivers also shared opinions about the 30-minute break and changes they’d like to see regarding it.

This year's survey had 475 respondents. If you didn’t get in on it this year, you can always contribute next year! To view the full list of questions and results, visit

National FTL and LTL Shipping: Reefer, Flatbed and More

Do you need National Shipping? TDI is more than just a Southeast carrier. Through Total Distribution Brokerage Services, formerly Grimes Supply Chain Services, we offer asset-based and non asset based trucking and transportation services and work with a global list of carriers and trucking companies. Our freight brokers can take care of all of your national and international FTL and LTL freight shipping needs, including:

  • ➤ Reefer and Temperature Controlled
  • ➤ Heavy Haul
  • ➤ Flatbed
  • ➤ Intermodal (Ocean, Rail and Air)


Safest Trucking Carriers FL

➤ Drive Safe

We perform regular inspections to ensure that all of trucks and equipment continue to meet and exceed the safety standards set by the DOT. Qualcomm Omnitracs digital electronic e-logs are installed in every company and contracted truck in our fleet.

Experienced Truck Drivers

➤ Experienced Truck Drivers

We require all of our drivers to have at least 2 years of tractor trailer experience. Our company drivers must have both TWIC and HAZMAT certifications. We review driving records, monitor safety scores and maintain regular communication with all of our drivers.

HAZMAT Certified Carrier Florida

➤ HAZMAT Certified Carrier

TDI Trucking is DOT certified to service your HAZMAT delivery needs. Our knowledgeable logistics coordinators understand the demands of HAZMAT paperwork and work hard to ensure regulatory requirements are met on every load.


3PL Warehousing Services FL


Food grade 3PL warehouse space in Jacksonville, FL near the port & I-95.

Florida Packaging Companies


Florida co-packing company and contract packaging services in a food grade warehouse facility.

Supply Chain Freight Broker Services


National freight brokerage taking care of all of your LTL, Reefer, Flatbed and Intermodal shipping needs.

Logistics & Warehouse Staffing Services


Powering your supply chain with skilled warehouse employees trained and vetted by our in-house staffing agency.