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Grimes Trucking Company: Jacksonville, Florida & Atlanta, Georgia

Trucking companies in Georgia, Trucking Companies in FloridaSuccessful management of any supply chain depends upon freight arriving safely on time. This is the primary goal of Grimes Trucking Company, a full Southeast carrier with terminals located in Jacksonville, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. Our strategically located trucking terminals and carefully planned lanes and routes allow us to continue to efficiently serve the Southeast United States as we have been for more than 40 years.

24/7 Live Dispatch at Grimes Trucking Company

Live Dispatch Trucking Fleet Coordinator Our 24/7 live dispatch system ensures freight is transported safely toward its destination efficiently and on schedule. At Grimes Trucking Company, we understand that time is money. Our skilled and experienced fleet consistently beats the 30-minute delivery window that other carriers in the Southeast regions take for granted.

Choose Grimes Trucking for Freight Shipping in the Southeast

Grimes Trucking Company is one of the fastest growing companies in Northeast Florida for a reason. At Grimes Trucking, we put our customers first. We know that large distributors don't have time to wait on late freight. We select only the best professionals in the trucking industry to be part of our team, whether they're going to get behind the wheel or coordinate fleet transportation from one of our terminals. If you are looking for a carrier in the Southeast region, learn more about Grimes Trucking Company and all that we can offer you.

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Why You Should Choose Grimes

  • 40+ Years of Experience
  • 24/7 Live Dispatch
  • High Safety Standards
  • Experienced Truck Drivers
  • Commitment to Excellent Service

Digital Electronic Logs

Digital Electronic E logs Trucking Carriers

In 2013, Grimes Trucking Company installed Qualcomm Omnitracs digital e-log units in every company and contracted truck in our fleet.

Safety DOT requirements trucking carriers Jacksonville, FL Atlanta, GA

➤ Drive Safe

We perform regular inspections to ensure that all of trucks and equipment continue to meet and exceed the safety standards set by the DOT. Our truck drivers must comply with all federal and state standards as well as our own strict internal policy requirements.

Truck Driver Jobs in Atlanta, GA and Jacksonville, FL

➤ Experienced Truck Drivers

We require all of our truck drivers to have at least 2 years of tractor trailer experience. Our company drivers must have both TWIC and HAZMAT certifications. We review driving records, monitor safety scores, and maintain regular communication with all of our truck drivers.

HAZMAT certified carrier in Florida & Georgia

➤ HAZMAT Certified Carrier

Grimes Trucking Company is certified by the DOT to service your HAZMAT delivery needs. Our knowledgeable logistics coordinators understand the demands of HAZMAT paperwork and work hard to ensure that regulatory requirements are met on every load.

Together for the Long Haul

At Grimes Trucking, we understand the importance of truck drivers to the growth, success and future of our trucking company. We work hard to build a lasting relationship with our truckers based on straightforward and honest communication. Our "No Bull" policy has helped us reach a growing community of truck drivers around the USA.